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  • To facilitate a participatory research and communication system that promotes sustainable farming in coastal wetlands that reduces vulnerability to climate change, sea water intrusion, acidity, recurrent tidal and reverence floods, pests, pathogens and such other problems through innovations that safeguard, stabilize, and enhance natural resource capital, soil health and biological systems diversity.
  • To promote partnership-based research and training that work closely with a wide array of national and international partners .
  • To develop a global collaborative network for systematic investigations and information sharing on climate resilient farming, adaptation farming and Germplasm conservation by embedding local, national and international partners.
  • To facilitate research on farming system development and land use management in the coastal zone and globally important agricultural heritage system.
  • To develop an institutional system for conservation, preservation, and development of traditional knowledge, cultural and agricultural heritage systems of Kuttanad. 
  • To promote research and training in the fields of below sea level farming, open water farming, biodiversity based farming and conservation prospecting to mitigate the effects of environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, land degradation etc. in the context of global climate change and sea level rise.
  • To strengthen and conserve plant and animal genetic resources for their enhanced use in adapting to climate change.
  • To function as an organization to advise the Government on formulation of policies, strategies and measures for implementation of projects for environmentally sustainable natural resource management and farming system development in coastal lands.