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Slow paced, tranquil and serene - The life of people in Kuttanad people is linked with the backwaters. People living on the banks of the Vembanad Lake follow a neat and healthy lifestyle. Rice and fish are staple ingredients in their food.

Paddy cultivation is done in an extensive way at Kuttanad. Farmers still rely on traditional agricultural systems and practices here. Nowadays integrated farming with aquaculture is being done here.

The vast expanse of paddy fields dotted with islets of coconut trees, will be busy with farmers engrossed in different farming activities in the traditional manner during the harvest season. Early in the morning itself one can sight the women folk heading towards the paddy fields and men could be seen already on the fields tilling the land, sowing the seeds, getting rid of weeds, diverting water channels etc. Vendors on boats will be selling vegetables, grocery and fish to households on the banks of canals.

Fishing is a livelihood for the Kuttanad people and small fishing boats and nets are used. Catching fish manually by hand is also done by the women folk here. Kuttanad people are often engaged in gathering mussels, collecting lime shells, boat rowing & coir making according to season.

Farm tourism and backwater tourism are an important source of income for people in Kuttanad. Many houseboats ply the backwaters with tourists coming from the world over to see the beautiful nature of Kuttanad.