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The Vechoor Cow is a rare breed of cattle named after the Vechoor village in Kottayam district in Kuttanad. The cow has an average length of 124 cm and height of 87 cm, it is the smallest cattle breed in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. It is valued for the larger amount of milk it produces relative to the amount of food it requires.

Vechoor cow's milk has many medicinal properties which have been documented traditionally by Ayurveda and recent scientific studies have substantiated this. The protein component of the Vechoor cow's milk has an improved antimicrobial property. The milk is easy digestibility due to smaller fat globule size.

Till the 1960s the Vechoor cow was popular in Kerala, but became rare when native cattle were crossbred with exotic varieties. About 200 cows are supposed to exist today, nearly 100 of them with the Veterinary College. The Vechoor animals were saved from extinction due to conservation efforts by dedicated teachers and students of the veterinary College.